Ever wondered how to turn your email subscribers into loyal, paying customers without the stress?Congrats! You’re in the right place!I specialize in helping Online Holistic Health and Fitness Coaches like you skyrocket your revenue using the magic of simple, effective emails.

I’m on the lookout for one more ambitious client this month who’s ready to turn their email list into a Money-Printing, Storytelling, Customer-Retaining MACHINE!If you’re itching to boost your bottom line and create emails that your subscribers can’t wait to open...

Here's how I do it (Don't tell anyone🤫):

  • I Write Copy that Converts: Need boring emails that DON’T convert?

  • Sorry, not my style. I create emails that captivate, entertain, and persuade, turning your readers into eager buyers.

  • Genuine Connections: I aim to build real relationships with your readers, steering clear of generic, salesy emails. If you prefer churn and burn tactics, you may as well throw your money into Mount Doom. (Yes, I like lord of the rings...)

  • Getting Your Emails Seen: Harsh truth... Even your best emails are useless if they don't land in the primary tab. If they end up elsewhere, you might as well pour Gatorade on your keyboard for all the good it'll do.

To make sure your emails land in the right place at the right time.I stay updated on the latest email marketing policies and perform regular checks to ensure your emails stay out of spam and promotions, landing them in the primary folder where they’ll stick out like a neon flamingo at a penguin party.I've recently named this process because I love it so much...So, it is now called "The Houndini Method" because it makes your emails dissapear from the SPAM folder.POOF!And Re-appear in the primary tab.JUST. LIKE. MAGIC.


Shardul - digital marketing expert


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Curious about the profits you’re not tapping into?

Who’s This Guy?

I'm Ry, your email marketing maestro.Self-confessed snowboarding addict (despite growing up nowhere near the mountains—ironic, right?)And a fitness freak who’s mad about calisthenics.When I'm not carving up the slopes or hitting the gym, I’m busy crafting emails that convert like CRRAZZY.

My mission?To turn your email list into a community of health enthusiasts, eagerly awaiting your wellness tips like yogis waiting for the next pose, practically begging to invest in their health through YOU.


Clear and Open Communication

Great partnerships are built on awesome conversations. I make sure we have fun, open dialogues, asking all the right questions to keep us aligned and rocking.

Your Mission & Relationship Are Paramount

Your brand's voice isn't just words—it's your connection to your audience. Every message I craft will not only resonate but also make them feel like they've found their new best friend.

Results-Driven Excellence

I win when you win. If my emails don’t perform, you don’t pay anything. I’m not here to grab your cash and run; I’m here to ensure you thrive.